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e u p h o r a s i a

an art community

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» e u p h o r a s i a
Welcome to euphorasia; an art community.
» a r t i s t s
» r u l e s
1 - Always use an lj cut (small previews are ok)
2 - Label content unsafe for school/work (NSFW/NC-17)
3 - Never steal art! Only post your own work!
4 - Cite & credit your sources if any. Always credit!
5 - Do not EVER take/use art from here without permission
» t h e m e s
The first week of every month, a theme contest is held. Everything posted to the community should fit with the theme in some way or another. At the end of the week, members can vote on which theme image they liked the best. Winners will be awarded medals, and points which they can use for gift art from other members. Theme suggestions here
» p o i n t s & m e d a l s
Gold medals are worth ten points
Silver medals are worth five points
Bronzemedals are worth two points
Points can be collected to spend on gift art from another member. Once you spent your points, they will transfer over to the member you are 'buying' art from. You will always keep your medal count, but points will be taken away as you spend them. Questions? Ask a mod for help.
» s t o r e - p r i c e s
25 points will get you a sketch
50 points will get you a lineart (ink)
75 points will get you a light cg
100 points will get you a heavy cg/light cg with background
(prices may vary from member to member)
» c o p y r i g h t
All copyrights belong to the aforementioned artists unless specified otherwise. This community is meant to be an exclusive art showcase, no part of the content can be displayed in public outside euphorasia without our prior consent. Plagiarism and hot-linking are also strictly forbidden. If you wish to borrow or use anything showcased, email the the artist you so which to use from.
» m o d e r a t o r s
If you wish to join us, please go right ahead. However in order to gain posting access you will need to get that from a moderator, so please contact either Zi or Blu. Thanks!